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18. Jul. 2012
  • 14:24 Mobile Endgeräte von Apple überwiegen in Unternehmen
  • 13:23 Mobile Payment Update 2: Neues von Telekom, Google, Microsoft, usw.
  • 13:09 Topnews: MyTaxi startet Mobile Payment für Taxifahrten.
  • 11:08 WANTED: Ressortleiter und Autoren auf mobile zeitgeist
  • 23:04 Xbox unterstützt das iPad
  • 06:02 When everyone wants to be a good #samaritan ?. or seeking the limelight
    THE HELPER SYNDROME In social media there are often people who try to steer a discussion into a special direction, to influence or manipulate people. They want to impress by showing their human and helpful side. They try to get noticed and perceived as helpful and supportive friend for everyone. They want to be loved […]#
  • 13:12 Topnews: PayPal setzt auf mobil, kauft Startup

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